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                                                                        BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY

Bio-identical hormone preparations are medications that contain hormones that are an exact chemical match to those made naturally by humans.
Bio-identical hormones produce the same physiologic responses as those of endogenous (body's natural) hormones. The Food and Drug  Administration (FDA) considers bio-identical hormones to be natural regardless of their source, and as a result they cannot be patented. 

Who should use BHRT?​

​Women who are experiencing pre-menopause or post-menopause symptoms could be candidates for hormone replacement therapy.​

Symptoms that might suggest hormone imbalance:
 ​Estrogen Deficiency
 Hot Flashes

 Night Sweats
 Dry Skin 
 Vaginal Dryness
 Foggy Thinking  
 Heart Palpitations 
 Memory Lapses
 Painful Intercourse 
 Yeast Infections
 Low Libido 
 Bone Loss
 Estrogen Excess
 Water Retention
 Breast Swelling and Tenderness 
 Craving For Sweets

Weight Gain
 Fibrocystic Breast 
 Mood Swings
 Uterine Fibroids 
 Low Thyroid Symptoms
 Heavy, irregular menses
 Progesterone Deficiency – Many of the symptoms of Estrogen Excess, including:
 Swollen Breasts 
 Mood Swings
 Irregular Menses 
 Fuzzy Thinking
 Joint Pain
 Progesterone Excess
 Gastrointestinal Bloating
 Mild Depression 
 Breast Swelling
 Testosterone Deficiency
 Prolonged Mental Fuzziness
 Memory Problems 
 Decreased Libido 
 Blunted Motivation
 Heart Palpitations 
 Diminished Feeling Of Well Being
 Bone Loss 
 Vaginal Dryness
 General Aches/Pains
 Testosterone Excess
 Male Pattern Hair Growth
 Deepening Of Voice 
 Clitoral Enlargement
 Irritability/ Moodiness 
 Loss of Scalp Hair
 Low Cortisol
 Fatigue Allergies
 Craving For Sweets 
 Chemical Sensitivity
 Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
 Symptoms of Low Progesterone
 High Cortisol – Same Symptoms As Low Cortisol, Including:
 Bone Loss 
 Sleep Disturbance 
 Low Libido 
 Hair Loss 
 Elevated Triglycerides
 Low Thyroid Function
 Fatigue (especially evening) 
 Low Stamina
 Cold Extremities 
 Low Body Temperature 
 Dry Skin
 Intolerance To Cold
 General Aches and Pains  
 Weight Gain
 Scalp Hair Loss 
 Swollen, Puffy Eyes
 Brittle Nails 
 Low Pulse/Blood Pressure 
 Poor Concentration
 Memory Lapses 
 High Cholesterol
 Heart Palpitations 

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